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Wireless N standard, beta, and criticism

Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:17 pm

As i understand pleas corect me if im wrong, that r52n and r2n is not working on 3.xx
Just on 4.0 that is at this moment only beta, understand that N is new future and its solud be tested and the best whey to do this is by new ver, but on first this shoud have been listed in site, that is do not run on 3.0, and that you only can use it on beta vers of 4.0, did buy a lotes of card but now i cant use it. this is to bad, 2/5 cards that in sell on just can be use on 4.0. biger wisp or pepole that need stable, and safe connction cant trust yet at 4.0 beta, and i cant understand why you cant use the cards on 3.0 whit out N. this shoud be done. this way pepol that order card now, and have order, can put n cards in use it like other cards. and still get preperd to go over to N standard when v4 is done from beta. this why everybody is hapy, pepole will go faster over to N. Its same whit ipv6 pepole have to learn to do to thing. one is to prepering to go from one standard to the other, and still accept the older standard. so pepole is geting use to new things

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