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Problem with OpenVPN and ip address assignment

Fri Oct 16, 2009 5:16 pm


I'm setting up OpenVPN server on one ROS, and OpenVPN client on another ROS.

On the server, the netmask is set to 30, so that should be nework, two ip's and broadcast.

In the PPP Secret, on the user I specify local address, and remote

The connection is successfully set up. And on the client, it has received with correct network and broadcast.
But the server sets up it's ip as: network, no broadccast.

Why does it do that? It should have been with correct network and broadcast?
Or am I missing something essential here?


Server configuration:
/interface ovpn-server
  add comment="" disabled=no name=Brobekkveien user=brobekkveien
/interface ovpn-server server
  set auth=sha1,md5 certificate=Nydalen-ServerCert cipher=\
    blowfish128,aes128,aes256 default-profile=default-encryption enabled=yes \
    keepalive-timeout=60 mac-address=FE:F1:02:EC:4F:CF max-mtu=1500 mode=\
    ethernet netmask=30 port=1194 require-client-certificate=yes
/ppp secret
  add caller-id="" comment="" disabled=no limit-bytes-in=0 limit-bytes-out=0 \
    local-address= name=brobekkveien password=pwdhere profile=\
    default-encryption remote-address= routes="" service=ovpn
Client configuration:
/interface ovpn-client
  add add-default-route=no auth=sha1 certificate="Brobekkveien OVPN" cipher=\
    aes256 comment="" connect-to= disabled=yes mac-address=\
    00:00:00:00:00:00 max-mtu=1500 mode=ethernet name=ovpn-out1 password=\
    pwdhere port=1194 profile=default-encryption user=brobekkveien
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Re: Problem with OpenVPN and ip address assignment

Sat Oct 17, 2009 12:17 am

tunnel is point-to-point link, it always have /32 mask
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