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Proxim AP, Miktotik and Freeradius with MySQL

Tue Jun 28, 2005 12:26 pm

Right now I am testing Proxim AP-700 with Freeradius server; the users are in mysql database, proxims are sending AAA packets to freeradius box and everything works fine. The only problem was MAC authentication, but it seems to be solved now.
But I am not completely satisfied with this type of solution. I wanna walled garden feature which is working nice with Mikrotik hotspot. The idea is: proxim aps -> mikrotik with walled garden -> freeradius.
More details about mine idea are following:
1. proxim aps will be wired to mikrotik
2. when wireless users try to authenticate themselves they will be forwarded from proxims to walled garden of mikrotik for authentication (as u can see, mikrotik will perform a role of typical NAS, instead of Nomadix, Cisco etc.)
3. Mikrotik will contact linux box with Freeradius & MySQL, validate user and then reply to proxim with permission/denial.
4. After that the connection will be established (I am also considering using of PPPoE tunneling for connected clients).

I really need Freeradius & MySQL because of making nice reports, billings and so on. This cannot be done granulary and independent if I use Mikrotiks local user database.

Am I going into the right direction? Is this scenario possible to implement?
Seems like the biggest problem can be the proxying of radius requests on mikrotik. Freeradius can proxy requests, but can mikrotik do that?

Tnx in advance

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Tue Jun 28, 2005 8:12 pm

You can just turn off all authentication on the proxim APs and use Mikrotik's Hotspot and PPPoE for authentication with Freeradius/MySQL.

Mikrotik --> Intennet(?)

Should Work.

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