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Feature Request: Support for microSD boot option

Sun Feb 14, 2010 4:16 am


I have been the proud owner of an RB450G for 24 hours now :D. I spent countless days looking for an affordable multi-port Gigabit router which could
  • do routing on all its ports (instead of that 1 WAN / 4+ LAN setup that practically all retail Gigabit routers come with) and
  • support VPN via OpenVPN.
The RB450G does all this, and I'm quite happy.

One thing I still am curious about, though. My initial research prior to purchasing led me to believe that it would be quite easy to load another Linux-based OS on this board - specifically the (as warned, outdated) Debian reference images, and other, mostly external, documentation.

While this indeed still seems to be possible - at least according to this - an issue that struck me when I first played around with RouterOS is that there is no boot option for the microSD card, "only" NAND and Ethernet.

Im my ideal world, I would have installed a copy of Debian on the microSD card and run that. Not because of some misguided fanboism, but for the very practical reason that all the hosts within my control are centrally configured, currently with cfengine. This encompasses everything from security to logging to services to network configuration, and so on. For this to work, I need a distro that offers all the required packages.

Is there in any chance the possibility that Mikrotik will enable booting from CF or SD again? Is there even any interest in this, or am I alone here?


PS: I've read about workarounds involving messing with the NAND, and I'd even be willing to void my warranty / lose my license, if that would mean I would get my centralized configuration for my router again :) This looks more like policy to me than a technical issue, so I'd thought I'd ask.

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