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Sierra Wireless 8775 PCI-e 3G card does not always start...

Sun May 30, 2010 7:18 pm


I acquired a Sierra Wireless 3G card (from eBay - very reasonable price) and have installed it in a Mikrotik RB411U.

It worked first time - took the same PPP parameters as the USB 3G card that had preceded it, all I needed to do was to change the interface over in winbox.

BUT - sometimes when the router starts up the 3G connection does not start up. It spends a long time 'authenticating' with the 3G network. It never fails but stays in the 'authenticating' state for so long that I have lost patience with it.

When this has happened even a full restart does not always kick the thing in to life.

Any experience with this effect - any suggestions? If there is a trick is there a script that I could put in to check functioning and kick the card/connection into life?

Any thoughts gratefully received.

The router is for mobile use so is restarted frequently.

Best Regards

Ian Beeby

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