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Webbox broken

Mon Aug 23, 2010 9:42 pm

I have an RB411 with a simple bridged configuration.

Using webbox to change the SSID makes a mess of the entire RouterBoard configuration.

As an example, my script configures the DHCP client. The DHCP client does work. Output of the export command shows that the DHCP client is properly configured. Yet when I load webbox, the DHCP client box is not ticked. Using webbox to change the SSID removed the DHCP client. (and a lot of other changes).

I contact tech support. They told me it was because I was referring to instances by number, not name. I changed my list of configuration commands, so that everything is referred to by name. Retried and re-submitted. Tech support is now ignoring me.

Can anyone see something wrong with my configuration? Can anyone confirm a problem with webbox on RB411 and fw 4.11.

My configuration commands:
system identity set name=( "LW-" . \
        [:pick [/in et get ether1 mac-address ] 0 2 ]     .  \
        [:pick [/in et get ether1 mac-address ] 3 5 ]     .  \
        [:pick [/in et get ether1 mac-address ] 6 8 ]     .  \
        [:pick [/in et get ether1 mac-address ] 9 11 ]    .  \
        [:pick [/in et get ether1 mac-address ] 12 14 ]   .  \
        [:pick [/in et get ether1 mac-address ] 15 17 ]   )
user set admin name=lindsay password=xxxxxxxx
system clock set time-zone-name=America/Toronto
ip dns set servers,
system ntp client set primary-ntp= secondary-ntp= enabled=yes mode=unicast
interface wireless set wlan1 ssid=Lindsay-Wireless antenna-mode=ant-a band=2.4ghz-b/g mode=ap-bridge disabled=no
interface bridge add name=br-1 protocol-mode=none admin-mac=[/interface wireless get wlan1 mac-address] auto-mac=no
interface bridge port add bridge=br-1 interface=ether1
interface bridge port add bridge=br-1 interface=wlan1
ip dhcp-client add interface=br-1 add-default-route=yes disabled=no

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