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HELP with Network Shares and SRC-NAT

Mon Nov 08, 2010 8:44 pm

We just replaced a customers internet provider with AT&T T1's and Fiber at all 4 locations. We also replaced the cisco routers with Mikrotik's (1 493, and 3 433's). All was working fine when we were using Cisco. Since, we have have had to move the phone PBX units from behind the Mikrotik's and put them on the public side, and the location that used JUST IP phones had to go through a linksys router as it would not work on the mikrotik side. Phones are working now, but not the way I want them too, but I have a major issue left. We have a terminal server in Dallas that needs to be able to connect to the remote location server's shares. I have src-nat setup for a public IP and it works fine. BUT, I can't get to the shares on the private network (IPIP tunnel) with src-nat enabled. I turn it off I can get there. I can ping and tracert through the tunnel fine. Can't get to the shares though at all even with \\ SRC-NAT is only porting 3389, and I even setup mangle rules to say that looking for goes trough routing mark of "Dallas to FT. Worth" via the ipip3 tunnel. Any ideas? (and if you have a comment on my a linksys, dlink, netgear and no-name router will work fine with IP (samsung) phones, but a Mikrotik won't that would be great too!!). Share problem first....thanks

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