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then connect to AP - LAN interface stop forward traffic!!!

Wed Dec 01, 2010 5:57 pm

I have problem with rb711 and same problem with pc,
then i connect to AP (station-wds mode) the LAN stop working,
from LAN side with winbox i can't see rb711 and same in my pc with wireless card's installed and then connected to AP,
from wireless side all work fine, but traffic do not flow through bridge to the LAN interface !!!
then wireless disconnected then LAN work without any problem,
then wireless disconnected then i can connect from LAN to RB (or PC) with IP or MAC address,
where is problem ? why LAN interface stop work then i connect wireless ?

configurations is simple:
i create bridge (name bridge1) and on this bridge1 is inserted LAN and wireless interfaces (bridge port's)

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