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PPPoE Client disabling on client mysteriously

Mon Jan 03, 2011 7:00 am

Hi All,

A number of times now we've seen some very strange behaviour on clients where the PPPoE client on their router disables itself. Unfortunately watchdog then reboots the router and we lose the logs.

It very rarely happens on the same router twice (its only happened once on the same router twice in fact) and having over 1000 clients we cant go around enabling logging to disk on all of them - so I'm hoping someone else has seen this behaviour.

All the CPE are RB411 running ROS4.10 (around 700 of them) and we've only seen this behaviour on about 10 clients so far - total. The concerning part for us is that we assume the CPE are off, until we get a fault call and then find that in fact its PPPoE Disabled :(

We dont really want to upgrade to 4.16 either - for the risk of introducing some other bug.

Any ideas? Anyone?

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