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EoIP Config with VLAN

Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:26 pm

Hi all -

I have nine remote RB433's with HughesNet connections that I use EoIP tunnels to make a connection back to a central location for running Dude and admin purposes.

Is there a way I can put all of this admin traffic across the EoIP tunnels into a single VLAN?

Below is a snippet configuration of my setup now showing only two remote sites, WITHOUT VLAN's:

EoIP Configuration
/interface eoip add name="ToWhse" tunnel-id=108 remote-address=x.x.x.94
/interface eoip add name="ToWhse" tunnel-id=109 remote-address=x.x.x.94
/interface eoip add name="ToRemote1" tunnel-id=108 remote-address=y.y.y.6
/interface eoip add name="ToRemote2" tunnel-id=109 remote-address-y.y.y.110
IP Configuration
/ip address add address= interface="ToWhse"
/ip address add address= interface="ToWhse"
/ip address add address= interface="ToRemote1"
/ip address add address= interface="ToRemote2"
This configuration, albeit slow due to satellite connections, has given me the possibility to remotely manage my devices and monitor via Dude from my central location (Whse).

If there is a way to encapsulate all the traffic into a single VLAN I would really like to know how.



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