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hotspot client poor performance

Thu Feb 03, 2011 8:43 am

Hi Experts,

I am experiencing with my hotspot setup clients that have poor network speeds when they connect. This is the setup

Internet -- ADSL Modem -- (10.1.1.x) -- RB800 (setup with HS) -- (10.10.0.x) -- switch -- WAP
Syslogd server

I have setup a standard HS through the HS wizard in the RB800. When clients connect to the hotspot it takes on average 20 seconds to download the page. However, if I test downloading the same page on my Syslogd server it comes through in about 5 seconds. I have an 8Mbps ADSL line which is never fully utilised.

I am thinking that the bottle neck is the HS auth process as I was reading ... xWindt.pdf


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