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Ethernet Problem

Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2011 6:51 am
by niamul
OS: RouterOS 5.0rc10 -> using as pppoe server
Mobo: EVGA P55 Classified 200
Processor: i7 870 (quad core)
Ram: Kingston value ram 1333mhz - 2gb
Hdd: 320GB Samsung
Ethernet: Micronet sp2612e (4 of them)
Psu: thermalteke 450w

The motherboard has two on-board gbit using the Marvell 88E8057 chip-set.

there is a total of 6 Ethernet.

1 is used for Core and the other 5 is for for distribution.
the problem that i face is even though the OS finds all 6 nic and shows them, but 1 of the Ethernet doesn't work.

5 of the ports are connected to a 3750g switch and 1 port is connected to a 2900 switch (both cisco).

when i connect all the cables, all ports are shown as up at both the switch-end and at the server-end but there is no traffic in just 1 port. i have changed cables and ports but the situation is the same.

i reverted back to my old pppoe server and everything works.

is it a driver issue? or is it an OS issue? i tried with the stable version 4.16 but it is unable to detect my Marvel Ethernet. is there a limitation to how many Ethernet i can use? the motherboard itself has 7 pci-e ports.

we run about 2000 clients, traffic is heavy on almost all ports.

what could be the reason behind 1 port not getting any traffic at all? if i take the cable from that Ethernet and connect it to another, it works fine. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Ethernet Problem

Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2011 9:23 am
by niamul
i have found that 3 sets of irq are being shared by 6 Ethernet
5, 10 and 11

could that be an issue? is there any way to set irq from mikrotik in case there is conflict?

Re: Ethernet Problem

Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:03 am
by kirshteins

Re: Ethernet Problem

Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2011 11:04 am
by niamul
i have sent the mail

thank you

Re: Ethernet Problem

Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 1:57 pm
Just a thought...

Are all the cards in a bonding setup (LACP for example), and if so, are they linked at the same speed and duplex? Most switches won't route traffic down a wire if it's settings are slightly different to it's peers, and with 4 + 2 types of cards, a 5 link aggregate may have a link different to it's peers.

Jumbo frames may also have an impact. (IE: 4 without and 1 with would cause issues)

Re: Ethernet Problem

Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 5:16 pm
by niamul
all the cards on the pci-e ports go to a 3750g -> all gbits with same port/frame/speed/duplex config

1 of the 2 that are on the motherboard (built in) go to the same 3750g like the other 4 and 1 of the on-board Ethernet go to a 2900 (100mbit) port.

the on-boards both work. the problem i have is with a pci-e card that's hooked to the 3750g. at first i thought it was the port, but it isn't. all ports are configured the same (same parameters).

i tired connecting the pci-e which causes the problem to the 2900 port but its the same.

we have a similar machine running with 6 Ethernet connected to the same ports as the new machine.