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help ARP....problem....?

Sat Oct 22, 2005 1:17 pm

i've got 3 router 2 mikrotik (a and b) 1 cisco router in my office....!
mikrotik b is for experiment and mikrotik a is the real thing..!
i set ARP=reply-only
the problem is when i go to ip arp so many ip r shown (dynamic) means:
the ip that i write in arp n from the other routers.....are shwon
why ip of the mikrotik b n cisco are seen in mikrotik a.....!
can i just grouping each router so that each router dont the dynamic ip doesnt shown in mikrotik a..?

im sorry if i making u all canfusing bout my question.....cause i ve tried in 2 days n no result....n my brain is almost blown...!

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