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Network configuration - Need help please

Fri Oct 28, 2005 10:14 am

Hi All

this is my problem:

I have two ISP live ip addresses coming into a routerboard 500 with 3 ether ports.

The ether 1 is a diginet x.x.x.216/29
the ether 3 is ADSL y.y.y.128/29

SRC-Nat masquerading is enabled to allow private ranges to browse.

The mikrotik does DST-nat to 3 networks private range

Each private range ip has 2 live ips

I have a problem i can use a default gateway to access only 1 ISP at a time.
This is to say only if 1 gateway is enabled can i access the servers via the live IP. I need to be able to hit the servers on the private range from both ISP's all the time

I think i need to use traffic marking but am not sure how to implement for incoming traffic. (perhaps policy routing)

Are there any other ways to do this ???
I need to go live with this site in about 4 days - getting quite desperate now ...

Hope you guys can help


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Mon Oct 31, 2005 1:13 pm

first remove your all ISPs gateway and
In /ip route add gateway for both ISPs like

/ip route add gate (gateways given by ISPs ),ISP1,ISP2
t will use both ISPs and traffic will be diaverted equally.

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