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Offering lease without success

Tue Oct 25, 2011 2:17 pm

Hello Everybody.
I'm in big troble which i can't figure out. Please help

MPLS network
I have some clients connected to my office via VPLS tunnels. They are getting IP via DHCP without problems. Their vpls access ports are on 493AH which is connected to L2 network via ethernet... everything works flawlessly.

Second 493ah is connected via wifi link based on 411ah and here i'm getting problems.
Clients can't resolve their IP on this side. on DHCP server getting next error:
15:09:12 dhcp,warning dhcp_srv_163 offering lease for 00:0C:42:21:E2:87 to relay without success
All other requests to same DHCP request from the same subnet are ok. Only difference between this to MPLS/VPLS access points is transport medium - first is over ethernet, 2nd over wifi.

Those VPLS are bridged to coresponding VLANs on the cisco. which are unnembered to this network with ip-helper enebled forwarding requests to DHCP server.
DHCP server can't send DHCP offers back to interface from which it got forwarded request.
Whats wrong ? why clients can't get successful DHCP answer ? cisco getting absolutely nothing
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Re: Offering lease without success

Mon May 06, 2013 6:13 am

iDen, any sucess with this ?

I have a Linksys srw224g4, I think we have the same problem..
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Re: Offering lease without success

Fri May 10, 2013 1:06 am

ya I had this problem awhile back, the router was going bazzerk in the logs with these entries.

There wasn't any mpls in my config, pretty simple, pretty flat. After a few days of trying a few
things that didn't work the logs started to become less and less and now I only see it a couple of
times a month and it doesn't cause any support calls so I just leave it alone.

Check out my entry about this if you want....

All the best!

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