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PPTP problem On i3

Fri Nov 04, 2011 11:19 am

Hello, we are using Mikrotik ROS 5.7 version on i3 based PC.
Yesterday I noticed, that when my users are connected via pptp to my server, they CAN NOT download more than 1.5Mbps by One session (say downloading from a web server by windows internet explorer or firefox or google chrome,).
But when the ppp secret is changed to use pppoe everything is ok. During the changes, the ppp secret stays in same profile and the pppoe server uses the same profile as ppptp server does.

I have tried to downgrade the version of ROS to 4.16, 4.17, 5.2, 5.6, there is no difference.

What is the reason of such behavior of the Router.
Can the cause be the network cards?? (we are using RTL-8169 Gigabit Ethernet (rev: 16) cards)

Please answer me as this is urgent.

Thanks waiting for your reply


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