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Redundancy - tunnels?

Mon Nov 28, 2005 3:43 am

G'day there.

I've got a rather.. complicated setup... long story short in the image below you see that I have a wireless network that's fed into an ethernet port at our provider. I then have availible to me a natted dsl link that we use for the office.


What happens is somewhere in the network, for what ever reason, a radio dies and bang, our NOC is offline. I want to know how much effort with mikrotik is it to create a tunnel and have it route over that automaticly.

Our network is already heavily reliant on OSPF so dynamic routing isn't an issue.

However, I ONLY have ONE ip address on the bottom machine that I can talk to from the internet, the top machine is in the same subnet as the bottom one..

So I have two problems...

1: Connecting a tunnel (ipip will do) from the top machine to the bottom one via the natted dsl - when it will want to use the wireless link because it's on the same network

2: Routing over this link.

I have no issues with the tunnel, and indeed the routes staying up constantly, so long as the data flow can be switched from one link to the other fairly rapidly without manual intervention.

Ideas, Help?

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