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SSTP stops passing traffic and doesn't try to reconnect

Sat Dec 24, 2011 4:59 am

We have an x86 version if ROS 5.11 running in a vmware esxi VM with 2 cpu's and 1GB of vram.

It is acting as an SSTP server for 3 RB750GL clients running 5.11.

We are using user name/password (64 characters) instead of certs for SSTP.

Periodically the SSTP connection will stop passing traffic. It still shows as up on both sides when this happens. It will often take a long time for SSTP to figure this out and reconnect. The last occurrence to 30 minutes or so to attempt a reconnect automatically.

Simply disabling the client connection and re-enabling forces a reconnect and traffic starts passing again.

We've successfully been using a work around through netwatch on the clients to disable and re-enable the sstp-out1 connection when it can't reach a server on the server's LAN.

We had similar issues using an earlier version of ROS (5.9?) between an RB1200 server and RB532A client. They have appeared to be stable now with 5.11, but the tunnel is very lightly used.

Any ideas? The netwatch work around seems to work, but is just that - a work around and still leaves our customer with a potential of 30 seconds of downtime every time this happens.

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