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vlans question

Mon Dec 26, 2011 9:51 pm


I will use this scheme for ilustrate what I want to do:

...............\____RB 750___(1)(2)
(2)_____ /

Where :
(X): X specifies de vlan tag
.: the dot character is only related with the order of the scheme it has no relevance

I have incoming both kind of traffic from my network, vlan untagged (0), and vlan tagged (tag 2), both in the same interface, then, just the untagged traffic should be tagged with the tag 1. So the rb 750 would recieve both untagged and tagged (2) traffic, and then trough a bridge (or 2 bridges, I don't know) it would tag the untagged trafic (1) and pass the tagged traffic too.

Is that possible?

thanks in advance

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