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PPPOE in MPLS Network

Sun Mar 11, 2012 11:25 pm

im trying to design a network for a WISP. 1200 Residential Customers will use UBNT Loco HW, and 100 Corporate Customer will use latest Nanobridges with 2024MTU Support. Each of the 6 AccessPoint Towers (where the Customers are pointing with their CPEs) will have an MK Router, with 2-4 Backhaul connections (for redundancy and/or LB). The Backhaul/Backbone will be configured with OSPF and MPLSVPLS. all WIFI Links (CPE<->AP and Tower<->Tower or Tower<->Central Backbone) will be bridged-type with UBNT Nanobridge m5 25dbi and support MTU 2024.

My questions:
1a) Im not sure howto accomplish the communication between the PPPOE Server and the 1300 PPPOE Clients? Is it better to setup one Server on each Tower, so i can comunicate in Bridged Segment, with additional advantages that if one Tower or PPPOE Server fails, only one Group of customers are disconnected?

1b) Should i setup a central PPPOE Server with the benefit of a unique Server for Usermanagement? In this case i need to know if there is some Example config available (PPPOE over VPLS, or PPPOE over routed Networks....)? I found only information of connecting PPPOE Clients with PPPOE Server asuming bridged network connectivity....
1c) And also im not sure if creating about 1300VPLS Tunnels will saturate the HW (mpls on the different MK Routers in the Backhaul)?

Tunnels for Corporate Customers:
I have to be able to interconnect corporate customers sites using my backbone/backhaul. If such a customer has in the first step a Nanobridge for Internet Access, and now want to be "interconnected".
2a) What is the correct way to accomplish this?
2b) Can i use a Mikrotik Router at each customer site behind Nanobridge and configure PPPOE Client for Internet and configure also the MPLSVPLS Tunnel for site interconnect?

Because of cost i am evaluating for residential customers the use of nanostation loco, wich still not have a configurable mtu bigger than 1518.
3a) Is it correct to think that the CPE is getting on lan side usually 1500 bytes and for sending it over PPPOE on WIFI the size is 1508, so there is no problem?
3b) Packages coming from the AP will usually also be only 1508 byte in size because the PPPOE Router on the Tower will strip of MPLSVPLS DATA and only send packages up to 1508 including PPPOE DATA (properly configured in PPPOE Profile for this Clients)...
The AP (Nanobridge or Rocket) and the Backhaul all are able to process 2024 MTU so here also will not be a problem....

Thanks for any feedback and answers...
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Re: PPPOE in MPLS Network

Wed Jul 03, 2013 6:57 pm


Do you deployed your project? I'm working in a similar scenario and I would like shared experiences.



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