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export file=name behavior changed in 2.9.10

Thu Dec 22, 2005 10:04 pm

after upgrading to 2.9.10 download of saved config files (export file=name) via scp doesn't work, e.g.:
[user@Zentrale] > export file=zentrale                                                            
[user@Zentrale] > file pr                                                                         
 # NAME             TYPE           SIZE       CREATION-TIME       
 0 zentrale.rsc     script          9942       dec/22/2005 19:48:40
and then trying to scp the file to my pc, as i always did:
scp user@217.91.yy.zz:/zentrale.rsc /Users/Shared/
user@217.91.yy.zz's password: ******
error: /var/pckg/zentrale.rsc: No such file or directory
seems to me that the save-path of export has been changed?! what would be the right file-path now?
usually i disable ftp, as scp is much saver and already part of ssh. hopefully i do not have to switch back to ftp.
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Fri Dec 23, 2005 9:50 am

Works for me using WinSCP on Windows as well as standard shell scp from a Linux box (exactly the same syntax as yours...).

Best regards,
Christian Meis

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