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EOIP and BONDING 3 Diginet lines

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:03 am
by Hugok1
OKay I have the following setup.

Mikrotik with a farsync Card
3x farsync diginet interfaces each with its own /30 address.
From this side I have 3 eoip tunnels to Side B.
All 3 EOIP tunnels is in a BOND to side B

Mikrotik with one public ip.
3 EOIP tunnels to each one of the /30 address's on side A.
A bonding interface with the 3 tunnels as slaves.
Using bonding rr and layer 2.


The bandwidth from site B to A is equal to the sum of all 3 the eoip tunnels. However the bandwidth from site A to B is only equal to the max of one of the EOIP tunnels.

When I look at the traffic of site A then all the tunnels are transmitting upload bandwidth to site B however the upload bandwidth is only going via one of the diginet lines. How can I mangle the eoip tunnel and send the data out over each of the farsync interfaces via routing mark?

Also why did Mikrotik stop supporting farsync synchronous cards in version 5? This problem could be easily solved if mikrotik have supported the card in version 5 because in 5 you can specify both the local and remote address of the eoip tunnel?


Re: EOIP and BONDING 3 Diginet lines

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 8:25 pm
by Hugok1
Can this be done with MPLS/VPLS and BONDING?