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FTP Active and bridge mode with Firewall (bug?)

Sun Apr 01, 2012 5:18 pm

I have setup where we have a bridge in place bridging some public network interfaces to the internet (our single public connection).

I want to enable the settings of Bridges to use the firewall so that we can report this with netflow traffic.

The problem is when I do this, active FTP connections no longer work. (By Active I am referring to active as opposed to passive).

Even if I disable the FTP listing under IP-Firewall-Services, it still does the same. The moment the "Use IP firewall" for bridge is disabled, then the active connection works.

I am running Router OS v5.14 on a RB-1100AH.

There are no rules, except for some NAT rules not related to these interfaces and IPs. yes, I am 100 sure its not the rules, even when disabled this still happens. (They are also so few).

This issue is reproducible it would a appear at another site I can do the same.

Any ideas, bug?

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