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Load Balancing 6 ADSL Lines

Sat Aug 25, 2012 1:16 am

I have a Routerboard 2011. It is dialing 6 PPPOE connections. Currently the six lines are load balanced purely on a random basis. New connections get a random line and that is that.

I have a script that looks at traffic speed using "monitor-traffic". It can then decide to exclude a line from the list of possible lines to give to new connections, if that line is fully used (80-100% capacity). The problem with this script is that it maxes out my cpu. It sits at 100% the whole time and clearly the router can't handle it.

I don't have a lot of money to spend. If I build a server to do the load balancing then I will need at least 7 ethernet ports, 6 for the ADSL WAN and 1 for the internal network. This will be quite expensive with intel or mikrotik cards (prices are high here).

So I was thinking of using the following:

[Internal Network] <----> [Server with only LAN and WAN port] <--------> [RB2011 with LAN and 6x WAN] <-------> [INTERNET]

The question I have is this: How can I load balance the 6 lines on the RB2011 with the server. Is there a way of dialing 6 PPPOE connections through one ethernet port (the server's wan) through the 6 ADSL lines?
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Re: Load Balancing 6 ADSL Lines

Sun Aug 26, 2012 6:22 pm

Set each connection in its own vlan and trunk them back to your server. This way your basically using the 2011 as a vlan capable switch.

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