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Mixed port with vlan and access port

Sat Sep 01, 2012 3:33 pm

Hi guys, I have a customer who wants to run a mikrotik and run voip phones and run PC's off the back of the phones.
The phones tag all voice traffic as vlan100, and leave the PC traffic alone.

I have been trying to figure out how I can configure the Mikrotik router to be able to pickup the vlan100 traffic and send it to another site to get DHCP and allow the phones to download their images and boot and also allow the PC's to just get an IP address from the local dhcp server running on the Mikrotik and work without a vlan tag.

I have read heaps of information in forums here and elsewhere, but some people say it's possible, others say it's not, there is a wiki article which talks about it, but the examples don't actually seem to reflect the confguration they talk about, or maybe I am reading it wrong :-) ( ... nvironment)

Say I use ether1 to connect to the switch, I have tried what seems logical which is to put vlan100 interface onto ether1, then send that to the other site via a bridge and over a trunk port from the router, this works fine.
However, the only way I can think to handle untagged traffic from the PC's is to put an IP address on ether1, attach the DHCP server to that and do it that way, which kind of works, except the phones and pc's randomly get IP's from the phone system dhcp and the local dhcp, so this clearly isn't the solution.

I was hoping that somebody could either tell me how I can do this or tell me it can't be done, I really would have thought that this was a pretty common requirement especially with voip phones as this is a standard feature on all the phones I use, and it would be great if I could work out how this could be done without have to use a layer 2 switch to attach the vlans to the ports, but just be able to use a dumb switch and let the mikrotik be smart.


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