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How to decode sms ? (Russian lang)

Sat Sep 29, 2012 12:39 pm

Good day.

My cellular op sends to me (on my 3g dongle in 751u) messages on russian language.

Any decoders can not decode it!

This is one of messages:

[greek@PapaRouter] /tool sms inbox> pr
0 sms_web Sep/29/2012 00:09:50 GMT +4 proverka
2 sms_web Sep/29/2012 00:11:27 GMT +4 ee_(C D$
10 000110 Sep/29/2012 13:10:42 GMT +4 e$D@C@F$5@@!Do$se$$@B?a$>ol!0oA#ejDhC!a@ o?$@eAEejD@D $4o!!Pi$E@!DDY@o$>oD!@o$Seb

Message 0 was sent from sms online portal by latin alphabet only
Message 2 was sent from sms online portal by russian (cyrylic) language (it's only word "test" in russain, "тест")
Message 10 was sent for me by operator by russian lang.

How i can decode this string? :

e$D@C@F$5@@!Do$se$$@B?a$>ol!0oA#ejDhC!a@ o?$@eAEejD@D $4o!!Pi$E@!DDY@o$>oD!@o$Seb

ps: rb with simcard is far away from me and i can not insert that sim into cellular.

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