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Segmenting customer traffic

Sat Sep 29, 2012 10:56 pm

I am building a network that currently has two remote sites and one main tower site where my fiber comes in and I am co-located. The remote sites will house access points for customer access.

I'm trying to develop a plan to segment the customer traffic as to protect my management network.

I have RB1200's at each of the three locations. Currently all of this is setup in a test lab environment and working.
Configuration is as follows:

ETHER1 on each RB1200 is set as follows:
Site A:
Site B:

Backhauls configured as follows:
Tower to Site A: ETHER2
Radios at and
Site A: ETHER2

Tower to Site B: ETHER3
Radios at and
Site B: ETHER2

OSPF is running on the backhaul links and broadcasting the 172.30.x.x/22, OSPF Loopback and 10.10.x.x/29 networks.

A gigabit switch is connected to ETHER1 at Site A and Site B. Off the switch I have multiple Ubiquiti Rockets with sectors.

The IP addresses for these AP's fall inside of the local 172.30.x.x/22 subnet.
1. Is it possible to assign ETHER1 a second IP address in a different subnet and then setup a DHCP server that hands out addresses?

2. Would it make sense to setup a VLAN on ETHER1?

3. Other ideas?

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