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IGMP-Proxy multiple interfaces

Sat Dec 29, 2012 12:45 am


I have set-up IGMP-proxy (RB2011UAS) for viewing our ISP-s IPTV with my 2 set-top boxes. Everything works OK when I use bridge interface as Querier. Thats is also no problem, but it's bad, if I want to see network overall traffic .. all interfaces, that are members of the bridge, showing high multicast traffic, my 5 port switch is blinking like crazy and RB-s LCD is showing straight array of yellow boxes for every interface :) .
One IPTV client is my Samsung SmartTV with built in software based IPTV client, and I want also internet and local DLNA streaming to that TV (because that, I'm using IGMP-proxy).
Then I came out with an idea, that I can add the 3 ether ports, connected my IPTV clients, to IGMP-proxy instead of LAN bridge and then other network devices are no more affected to multicast stream.
But that is not working somehow... when I add bridge, then IGMP-Proxy shows as Source IP-address my ether2 IP (192.168.x.254) but when I add separate interfaces (ether3, ether4 and ether8 in my setup) then is there no Source IP-address ( and IGMP-Proxy is not working. Adding an address to interfaces, changes also nothing.
IGMP Snooping were ideal solution, but as I understand, is that not implemented.
Question is .. am I doing something wrong, or is using a bridge only working solution with IGMP-proxy?
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Re: IGMP-Proxy multiple interfaces

Sun Dec 30, 2012 3:00 am

Remove all bridges!
Connect IPTV source to ethernet 1. Add to igmp proxy interface ethernet1 with alternative subnet and check checkbox "upstream".

add IP address: on ethernet2 on ethernet3 on ethernet4
(you can use addresses that you want)

run dhcp server on ethernet 2,3,4.

add nat for:

Add interface ethernet 2,3,4 to IGMP proxy interface.
Turn on quick leave on IGMP proxy setings.

Ofcourse, you can expect that on every STB go several streams because of bug in MikroTik ROS.
Also you can expect stream interruptions on two STBs during switching channels on third STB, ofcourse, MikroTik ROS bug :).
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Re: IGMP-Proxy multiple interfaces

Tue Jan 01, 2013 7:52 pm

IGMP Proxy works with bridge interfaces, ethernet interfaces and VLAN interfaces. Make sure that you are allowing IGMP from relevant interfaces (input filters).
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Re: IGMP-Proxy multiple interfaces

Wed Jan 02, 2013 4:10 pm

multicast traffic is better used over routed network to avoid any over heads of just sending data over bridge/switch ports.

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