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Loadbalance 3G[PPP], ADSL[PPPoE] and static route gateway.

Sun Jan 06, 2013 4:17 pm

Trying to understand conceptually and practicaly how to use Mikrotik router [RB751G] to loadbalance and have failover over 3 different types of connection. First would be static route to a gateway [Radio], second would be PPPoE ADSL connection managed by the Migrotik RB and lastly 3G modem pluged to the RB usb port would create a PPP connection.
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Re: Loadbalance 3G[PPP], ADSL[PPPoE] and static route gatewa

Tue Jan 22, 2013 9:57 am

load balancing is a beast that you should take on later, the conceptual basis of the fail over is easier, there is 2 ways, the one is to make all the devices part of a routing protocol, like using ospf or bgp, the second would be to use an device as gateway, and let that device decide what device to use for the next data stream, you can research nth type load balancing with connection tracking, a lot of people have success with that, otherwise you will just use the /ip route function, and have 3 x routes but with different paths. wireless(ip) distance=10 check=ping adsl(ip) distance=20 check=ping 3g(ip) distance=30 check=ping

then if something fails then we can just power it down.
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