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pptp tunnel blocking traffic

Fri Jan 11, 2013 10:00 pm


I have a pptp tunnel to a client's site (RB433 --> RB433UAH) both 5.22

when I connect using putty to a linux system at the other end, through the tunnel,
I can login, run a couple of commands and then the session freezes
e.g. if I vi a file it might load, I scroll a couple pages, and then the session locks up,
or if I try to tail the messages log, the command's output just doesn't appear and the session locks up

I tried accessing the the web console of the remote ADSL router
I authenticated, and then nothing appearsed the progress timer just kept spinning incessantly

These same actions run locally (at the remote site) run totally fine

The same RB433 connects to other client's sites via identically configured pptp tunnels
and all runs perfectly fine, so I assume my RB433UAH is the trouble maker in this scenario

I have torched and logged incoming and outgoing packets at the remote end
but can't find what is blocking the flow of packets

Any ideas ?



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