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Strange 1st startup behaviour

Sat Mar 09, 2013 4:52 pm

Take a unit out of its box, connect a Ethernet cable with PoE (from a 24V MT powershot and adapter) that is on the other end connected to a switch that is part of my office network. All units in the office network are dhcp-client.

Unit gets power and stays in a 'waiting' mode.
Only after removing the ethernet cable from the switch, some sstrrrrrriiiipppp sound is produced and the unit boots and starts running.
I remove the MT default setting and load the latest package I need.
Reboot the unit normally. No more issues.

Even if later a unit is reset (/sys reset) this behaviour doesn't come back.

Only if a unit has had a hard reset (screwdriver) that behaviour is there again....

Last year I only had this with SXT units and rb7xx series boards.
Now just got a new batch of Groove in (the NEVER had this) and they do the same now!!!!

Why is this?
It's not a problem, just annoying. After all, after my own config the board works fine.....
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Rudy R. Puister

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