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ntp client not updating clock after reboot

Wed Apr 03, 2013 10:50 am

Why is the ntp client only updated after a login? When is this going to be solved in ROS?

After a routerboard is rebooted (watchdog, powercut) the internal clock used for instance for the log is only updated at the first login into the rb.

Why can't ROS not update the clock at boot? (Or very shortly after..)

Now if a unit is rebooted and you only find out days later you cannot really see in the log what happened when. Special if watchdog is rebooting the board for whatever reason multiple times the log is full with boot info (and on AP's these are also the disconnects and connect and dhcp-messages) and all mentioned times are in Jan/02/1970!
Only after login you'll see the time update. If you now need to find out what happened when a good time calculator is needed! And special when you are trying to sync the events with other connected boards the time scale is basically unusable...

Please MT, this shortcoming in the ntp client is already mentioned more than a year ago on this forum. Now on v5.24 it is still there..... very dissapointing.... :(
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