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Draytec Vigor 120 and PPPOE

Sat Apr 13, 2013 6:44 pm

After reading the forums I finally decided to bite the bullet and purchase a Draytec Vigor 120 DSL modem. I want the PPPOE client on the RB2011 so I can port forward from the ISP's IP address and so I don't have two traverse two NATs.

No issues getting the DSL portion working - set the VCI to 32 (CenturyLink/Qwest) and it trained up to a 20 mbps/892 kbps connection. Clicked the button to forward all PPPOE traffic and spent four hours with the RB, with a Windows 7 PPOE client and an older D-Link router trying in vain to get the user name and password to work.

When I run a PPPOE scan (I am using ether6) I can see the Vigor and I can see the connection.

I can use the Vigor's client to make a connection too - so I know the password and user name are correct.

So I am assuming I am missing some setting on the Vigor and it's not doing the PPPOE passthrough.

Any suggestions from folks who have working Vigor modem setups?


P.S. When are we getting a Mikrotik with an integrated DSL modem. I see posts back to 2007 from Mikrotik folks saying it's in the works.
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Re: Draytec Vigor 120 and PPPOE

Sun Dec 01, 2019 9:50 pm

I made a quick search, Go to WAN >> Internet Access, at PPPoE Pass-through filed, check "For Wired LAN" and/or "For Wireless LAN".
So make sure that the LAN pass through is enabled..
However, since you make a PPPoE scan and you get the ISPs AC name eveyrithing seems to work fine...

Edit: just saw i replied to a 2013 post :lol:

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