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2 ADSL in 1 MikroTik.

Sun Mar 12, 2006 2:01 pm


I have 2 adsl lines and I want to connect him from each other via MikroTik. A line has also 32 public ip's and the second line has dynamic ip.

Him I have connected the each line in different interface.

Ether3 ADSL with Dynamic IP.
Ether1 ADSL with Publics IP.
Ether2 Local Area Network.

IP from Ether3:
IP from Ether1: /24
IP from Ether2:

Gateway from Ether3:
Gateway from Ether1:

I want to come out in internet mainly from line Ether1 and when in from my LAN somebody pc calls one from the addresses to go via MikroTik and no via Internet. Also I would want it can open MikroTik from Internet in door 80 via Public IP (Ether3).

This which moment I have Gateway when I put gateway I stop coming out in internet. Say here that I have made NAT it plays from Gateway (Ether1).


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