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ip reverse dns lookup

Sun Jun 23, 2013 5:50 pm

Hey friends,

Is it possible to configure a reverse dns lookup (dns server) on mikrotik v6.0 ?
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Re: ip reverse dns lookup

Tue Jun 25, 2013 5:38 pm

According to my knowledge, no. You would need to have a proper DNS Server for those type of records. Anyway, the reverse DNS lookup is normally done by the owner of the IP, and that normally is your ISP, not you.
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Re: ip reverse dns lookup

Sat Dec 21, 2013 8:49 am


(Private network on, local pc on .100, usual masquerading)

Set up your router like this
/ip dns
set allow-remote-requests=yes servers=,
/ip dns static
add address=
add address=

Then run this on your PC
$ host domain name pointer

(On windows I believe it's "nslookup" -- basically ask to resolve using server 81.254)
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Re: ip reverse dns lookup

Fri Dec 14, 2018 8:31 pm

Is it possible to configure a reverse dns lookup (dns server) on mikrotik v6.0 ?
Still answer is NO, the
not support query with types of records like "type=ptr".

WorkARound1 => Tracert to file, read last line and grab second parameter
execute {tool traceroute count=1 use-dns=yes} file=tracert.txt
put [file get tracert.txt contents ]
6     0%    1   0.6ms     0.6     0.6     0.6

WorkARound2 => Use HTTP API and grab second parameter
put ([tool fetch url=("\?q=") output=user as-value ] -> "data")

WorkARound3 => Geo IP from HTTP API (FREE, registration needed) and grab data from JSON format
local key "at_*********************";
local ip "";
put ([tool fetch url=("\?apiKey=".$key."&ipAddress=".$ip) output=user as-value ] -> "data")
{"ip":"","location":{"country":"US","region":"California","city":"Mountain View","lat":37.40599,"lng":-122.078514,"postalCode":"94043","timezone":"-08:00"}}
Remember to use "\?" if your URL have got a "?" inside.
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