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high latency on local interface

Mon Jun 24, 2013 4:34 am

So we got a couple of CCR1036-12G-4S and running latest firmware 6.1

Connecting with two different computer with shielded cables to all Ethernet interfaces, we are getting <1ms latency and then every 10 or 15 packets the latency jumps to 100ms, 200ms, etc.

No errors on the interfaces
Tested with the same cables and same computers to other Router-boards and RouterMaxx that we have here, and all getting <1ms without a problem and without a hiccup... yet these two Cloud Routers seem to have "built in" issues.

What may I look at? There is no config on them other than just an IP to test and all the other routers have the same vanilla settings. Where are these spikes coming from? No errors, no errors in log, cpu is at practically not utilized... can it be I got two Cloud Cores with bad ethernets?

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