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Wanted vmware tools for Mikrotik routerOS

Thu Jun 27, 2013 4:57 pm

Hi all of Mikrotik users.
I just started performance test using Mikrotik routerOS v6.1 on VMWARE ESXi server v5.
As the performance result that I think is not better than other general small and chip routers.
I know if RouterOS working with RB getting good performance so that I tried to test it on virtual machine.
So I think it will get better perfomance as vmware tools included the routerOS.
And I read previous post many people want vmware tools for routerOS.
If you are could answer as Mikrotik developer, please let me know the feature will be include or not.
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Re: Wanted vmware tools for Mikrotik routerOS

Fri Aug 09, 2013 3:00 am

There's a few threads on this topic, but replying to this one as it seems to be the most recent. Apologies if anyone is offended at bumping a couple-month old topic :)

There's a few specific advantages that porting Open VM Tools to ROS would bring, combined with the related kernel modules being available
- VMXNET3 10GbE paravirtualized network support (kernel driver) - Fast networking
- PVSCSI paravirtualized disk controller (kernel driver) - Fast disk
- Soft power operations - Shut down the router when requested by hypervisor (instead of needing to just power the thing off)
- Quiesce support - Flush/Stop pending disk operations when requested by hypervisor (for example during snapshot)
- Guest Info reporting - Provide information about guest configuration, like IP addresses, back to the hypervisor for reporting/diagnostics
- Memory Ballooning - Let the hypervisor ask the VM kernel for some memory back politely instead of having to guess and throw memory out to disk cache without any idea what is in that memory

There's also some optional extensions that could allow for things like wrapping a ROS install as a vAPP and controlling options from the hypervisor management.

The VMtools, as they give visibility into the virtual nature of the environment for the guest, could also be used to feed into the license key generation. For example the license key could be tied to the UUID of the VM or something.

Finally, not entirely OpenVMTools related, but Hot Add (and even hot-remove) support as part of this would be really bleeding handly. Virtual router running at capacity? Throw more CPU or RAM at it without rebooting :)

On a somewhat related note, I've always wondered how having a RouterOS based virtual switch for ESXi/vSphere would go (Similar to the Nexus 1000V). With a plugin to the ESXi virtual switch API, traffic could get fed back to a RouterOS virtual appliance (suitably licensed of course - perhaps even querying vCenter for additional license keys) and managed through that. Food for thought anyway.


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