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Mikrotik RouterOS Bug issues ?!

Sat Aug 24, 2013 2:21 am


I've been using old version of routerOS because new versions is always screwedup

example: ... wall_rules

that does not work on v6.2, but works on v6.0rc13... the reason why I'm not on v6.0rc13 is that my logdump email script makes certain units crash, but doesn't crash on v6.2 :?

I do not understand how mikrotik can make new versions of RouterOS and implement new features with bugs and broke old features does that work u guys??? ...thats a slap in all of our faces, how about u guys sell it to some company that can manage it better?

for me v6.0rc13 was the best release so far with a couple small issue's here and there, but everything worked 95% OK, everything after that was a mega disaster! I've been having lots of issues every time theres a new release :(

I'm sitting with a lot of Mikrotik routerboards and I'm not happy with routeros, I'm not even going to bother to upgrade anymore because that stops my critical scripts and services to stop working and possibly render my old scripts useless.

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