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VPNing out is causing Issues with other devices on same LAN

Sat Aug 24, 2013 4:47 am

I'm new to Mikrotik. I have setup a l2tp over ipsec vpn connection at my remote location. I connect to the VPN without any problems. The issue i am having is that i have a Sip phone that points to the same remote address as the vpn does. Once i establish a VPN connection the Sip phone losses its registration with that remote pbx server. Only after i restart the mikrotik, is the phone able to re-establish it's registration again.

It seems to me as if the policy that is automatically generated is only allowing connection from my ip (VPN'd computer) and blocking any other attempts from the same source IP (sip phone).

How do i resolve this issue so i can still vpn using the computer but still retain the connection of the sip phone. ( i believe it might have something to do with mangle)


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