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Port Bonding

Sun Sep 01, 2013 12:28 am

Hi Guys
I'm not sure if this is the right are but here I go
I'm looking at performing some bonding over EOIP tunnels
The link needs to be a low bandwidth <3Mbps but solid link
I was looking at using EOIP bonded in broadcast mode so even if one link fails there is no loss.
However I'm wondering how does latency affect bonded interfaces in broadcast mode
Say I have 3 EOIP tunnels in the bond
2 of them are Wireless PtP
1 over DSL
The latency on the dsl is going to be high due to interleaving etc will this mess up packets over the air interfaces or have any impact on it at all?
Also will the pc on the far end see the frame delivered 3 times or does the RB take care of this??
It's for a real time application
I am thinking as the dsl route will have frames arriving last it will be just discarded so if the two wireless links fail then there would be a glitch as the stream picks up the delayed packets but that would be acceptable (assuming a stable wireless link)
Also anyone have any thoughts on which link monitoring EOIP tunnels since they always appear in the running state how can a bonded interface know if they go down

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