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Hotspot user logon for use different gateway or WAN?

Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2013 7:43 pm
by loki13

Need help, I'm just beginning at Mikrotik with Winbox, following is my basic settings:
- RB750UP
- ether1=WAN1 (isp1, example 8 Mbps shared)
- ether2=WAN2 (isp2, example 4 Mbps dedicated)
- ether3=LAN (dhcp
- Hotspot

I have a project that need following scenario:
Hotspot user: free, connect WAN1
Hotspot user: premium1, premium2, premium-x connect to WAN2

What I need is when user free logon with her/his password, example: 111, rb750 will supply the internet from WAN1, but when user premium1 or premium2 logon, rb750 will supply the internet from WAN2

I searched the internet and spend whole-day try to workout this project but no joy... tried the mangle with mark_routing but no luck too. when logged on, it show IP address as per pool I set for hotspot user profile, but the internet traffic and still showing ip address only from isp1 (WAN1)

Please help...

Many thanks in advance.

Re: Hotspot user logon for use different gateway or WAN?

Posted: Sun Jul 26, 2015 1:31 am
by corkuck
I to was looking for something like this hoping someone could offer a direction on how to do this.

My situation is:

Basically users are in a Remote Cabin/Lot owner in the Rocky Mountains. Users have no internet access.

I have built a network with One set of users accessing hotspot. Using userman we are logging into the network to access HughesNet (WAN-1) and WildBlue (WAN-2). These LAN to WAN-1 or 2 networks are satellite Internet communication that have very slow/high latency (1000ms)=(one second about). It's basically been done and working for years.

Here is our issue:

We have build a third WAN connection using Mikrotik named WAN-3. We are doing this with a Solar powered tower at 9K plus feet above sea level, 1.5 miles up on a mountain top from the Lot/Cabin community is located. This location can access the Verizon 4G network. This is a expensive service with little download for the money. It was installed for VoIP service only to make phone calls due to it's low/fast latency of only 70ms. Then it's only being used the the data part of the Verizon service being used for Google Voice, Skype, Vontage, etc. etc. that types of service.

So what we are looking for, is if a user login to Mikrotik userman they are offered/connected to the Verizon service based on their user login credentials.

Most user "others" login id's, can only access the standard WAN-1 or the WAN-2 satellite LAN network.

Thank you for any help anyone can offer.


Re: Hotspot user logon for use different gateway or WAN?

Posted: Sun Jul 26, 2015 10:23 am
by corkuck
Got it to work:

In userman:
Created a new user named: verizon
Under Constraints: gave it an IP address to ask for: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX. When you log into verizon.
Under Shared Users: I left it as a 1
Under All Profiles: I gave it a profile for it to use

Then in winbox:
Address List
Created an entry named: Verizon_User_List
Gave it the same address that I gave it above in userman, new user, verizon, Constaints, IP Address XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

Then in winbox Firewall
Top entry 0, added New Mangle Rule
Chain: rerouting
Advanced: Verizon_User_List
Action: mark routing
New Routing Mark: Verizon_user

In winbox add:
Add route:
Dst Address:
Gateway: WAN-3 (Verizon's wan)
Routing Mark: Verizon_user

Then for every VoIP address to use this new service of Verizon WAN-3.
All you have to do is add them in userman asking for an IP address as you did. Then in winbox in FIrewall, Address List like you already did, just use the same IP address that matches the other one created in winbox.

Now you WAN can be selected by the user name and password you log in with in HOTSPOT/userman

Good luck and have fun.