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ROS Fragment UDP Drop

Thu Nov 14, 2013 10:17 am


we are searching an solution for this problem:

ISP Connection via VDSL with MTU 1488

L2TP Tunnel to Routerboard in Datacanter (L2TP MTU 1444, MRRU 1600)

Download mit UDP and TCP reach 45MBit slits close to maximum
But Upload fails!
Upload with TCP reaches 9,5MBit and thats OK but the UDP Upload drops!

When i test with Ping Packet Between 1446 and 1500 not all packets run fine.
When i use 1444 the ping run!

With 1501 ROS says to big Fragment, thats right
But why ROS don't transports the Packet between 1446 and 1500?

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