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Bug in ROS 6.7: simple queue ignores unlimited

Tue Dec 03, 2013 1:26 am

I think I found a bug in CRS125 running ROS 6.5, and it's still there after upgrading to ROS 6.7

I want a bandwidth to/from all destinations except for one particular subnet to be limited

(All local subnets on this box is within the range)

According to how I read documentation the following commands would make communication to/from the subnet unlimited, while anything else would be limited to 512k.
/queue simple
add dst= name=queue-office target=
add max-limit=512k/512k name=queue-public target=
However, the 512k limitation seems to apply even to the subnet. Monitoring traffic in winbox I see that all packets hits the second rule, no matter where they come from. (Swapping the order of the queues did not make any changes.)

Now, if I delete the queues created above, and rather run these commands:
/queue simple
add max-limit=20M/20M dst= name=queue-office target=
add max-limit=512k/512k name=queue-pub target=
... the packets to/from hits the first rule, and they are not limited by the 512k limitation.

So it seems to me that when a simple queue is created using "unlimited" the queue is ignored.
Workaround: set limit so higher than link speed.

Googleing turned me to this video, which also show that when queue is set unlimited, the queue doesn't hit.
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Re: Bug in ROS 6.7: simple queue ignores unlimited

Wed Dec 04, 2013 5:33 pm

A simple queue with default parameters will not work -- it really is not even created. You should change the type of queue from default-small to default, for example, then it will work.

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