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Multi-Access Point Coverage Configuration?

Fri Dec 13, 2013 7:26 pm

Currently I have a RB433G acting as my internet router for the house, and I have two Apple AEBS in Bridge mode off them providing the Wifi connectivity on each floor.

On these apple devices, if I just set the name the same, they flow between them as you transition floors.

I'm helping someone without Apple devices setup a similar network. They have structured wiring in their home and an existing ethernet network, so what I was doing was getting the RB2011iL-RM to act as the main router for the internet connection, and connect the existing ethernet network in.

What I wasn't sure on is how to set up an AP. I'm getting a RB751G-2HnD and will put it on the end of an ethernet port attached to the RB2011iL-RM. I'm assuming I can bridge it similary, just with more a 'checkbox' like the Apple has.

I was reading the Wiki, and I'm not certain which option I should do. Does the AP mode option bridge the ethernet port to the wifi port without routing?

Thanks for any tips. I don't have the hardware yet so just planning ahead. Worst case when I get the stuff I'll bash me way through it.
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Re: Multi-Access Point Coverage Configuration?

Tue Dec 17, 2013 2:27 am

Yes, the 751 can act as an AP bridge. All you have to do is connect into any of ports 2-5, turn off dhcp, and set the SSID the same but on a different wireless channel.

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