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the right bandwidth limiter for ~100 wireless clients ?!

Sat Apr 22, 2006 8:11 pm


I have 2 central RouterBoards(RB532+4mPCI AP) with around 100 clients each RB.
I have tested 2 month 100-120 simple queues, but i wasn't satistied.
So I created a PCQ-tree, but it wasn't better then simple queue.

Is not correct to share equal bandwidth to each client, one is use p2p netkiller and other is only surfing on the net.

How many simple queue can work together in the same RB532 with 4 mPCI adapter?

can i manage the bandwidth in RB532, or is better to limit in linux server with HTB?

if you can help me, some advice, how others proceed with so many clients

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