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Help with 802.3ad Bonding (only 1 link being used)

Tue Feb 25, 2014 12:49 am

I've set up bonding between 2 Mikrotiks using 802.3ad (I can't use balance-rr because I intend on using VoIP across this).
However, I can't seem to get 2 independent speedtests to use both bonded links.

I've got the Mikrotiks set up as follows:

M1 ( <----> M2 ( (ether5) (bond1)) <---ether3,4 bond---> M3 ( (bond1) (ether5) <---> M4 (

I'm running a speedtest from M1 ( to M4 ( and one from M2 ( to M3 (
However, when I look at the interface usage, only ether3 of the bond is being used.
I'm not sure why this is. I thought 802.3ad used all links but just kept connection pairs on the same link...

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Re: Help with 802.3ad Bonding (only 1 link being used)

Tue Feb 25, 2014 8:52 am

Choose a different 'Transmi hash policy'. You probably have the Layer 2 hash policy selected. It balances by mac address. Because the source and destination mac addresses are the same for both sessions the mechanism chooses the same link for both sessions.
You should balance by IP and/or higher layer information.
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