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TCP MSS - only added once... but buggy?

Thu Apr 10, 2014 2:00 pm


(Tested on ROS 6.11)

If you add new PPP connection and start it, MT is smart and adds the TCP MSS rule for you. In ROS 5, this was added per connection as a dynamic rule. In ROS 6 for mangle speed optimization it gets added once as "All PPP". The problem is, if it gets removed by user removing all mangles, when a new PPP connection is established (in our case a PPPoE), no knew TCP MSS modifier mangle rule is added.

This had me confused for a good hour (because so much other stuff works fine), and had kept mid level technician busy all morning. Perhaps this can be improved to be added/checked everytime a connection is established?

Keep up the good work... looking forward to 802.11r now that we are on a controller level for wireless :-P

Kind Regards

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