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help me out here please one mikrotik 2 dsl's

Tue Apr 15, 2014 11:11 am

i have one mikrotik on X86
4 Interfaces
2 pppoe dsl lines - one with static ip ( Adsl-xxxxx3794 ) and one with dynamic ip ( Adsl-xxxxx5781 )
10 Open Vpn Clients
local network

i want all the local network traffic to go out from the first dsl "Adsl-xxxxx5781"
and all my Ovpn Clients to come in from the second dsl with the static ip "Adsl-xxxxx3794" and be able to see my local network

Open Vpn routes Firewall Nat everything works fine with one dsl setup "Adsl-xxxxx5781"

how can i work this out ?
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Re: help me out here please one mikrotik 2 dsl's

Fri May 30, 2014 9:38 pm

There are many different load balancing methods on the market likes;
- Session based load balancing
- Service based load balancing
- policy based load balancing

And even all matches and hits the needs of different situations
and circumstances, so in your case it would be, only in my opinion,
making the most sense if you are using the service based load balancing
- setting up two wan ports
- and then set up service that should using WAN port 1 and other services
using WAN port 2.
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