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Imposing a total bandwidth limit using a simple queue

Posted: Mon May 12, 2014 11:08 pm
by azurtem

I'm trying to impose a bandwidth limit (100/100Mbps) using an RB2011 (6.12)

I defined a simple queue, with the target as the local bridge and target upload and download max limits set at 100M
On the advanced tab I selected Ethernet-default as queue type

The upload limit seems to be properly observed while download throughput barely reaches 50Mbps (CPU < 35%)
Without the queue I obtain 250/185Mbps
There are no other queues, or firewall rules

What am I doing wrong ?


Re: Imposing a total bandwidth limit using a simple queue

Posted: Tue May 13, 2014 12:15 am
by azurtem
I came across the following post : ... imit+queue

And began tinkering around with a PCQ upload and download limit

In fact I left my simple queue's max U/D limits to 'unlimited' and used custom
PCQ upload and download queue types to impose my bandwidth limit

Here were my custom queue type modified values :

PCQ-download-limit : Rate 100M
PCQ-upload-limit : Rate 100M / limit 100

...all the other settings were left at their default values

I was able to obtain the desired bandwidth capping simply by specifying my
custom PCQ queues on the advanced tab 'queue type'

The outgoing traffic however had already been NATed before reaching the
RB2011 therefore no benefit could come from using a PCQ type queue
So I opted for an Ethernet type queue instead and increased the default queue size to 100

With both queue types the RB2011 cpu usage hovered around 90%
when pushing above the 90 Mbps mark

Feel free to advise if this isn't the proper way to do things