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VRRP promotion/demotion query

Posted: Mon Jun 02, 2014 5:32 pm
by dominicbatty
Hi, has anyone else experienced the following problem and if so would opinion suggest this is a bug, I'd like to canvas opinion on the topic.

I have two routers with a shared VRRP interface

Router 1(R1) - priority 100
Router 2(R2) - priority 50

So the "live" router is R1. If I decide to do a firmware upgrade I can upgrade R2 whilst it is in backup mode and then bring it into service by amending the VRRP priority on R2 to 25, after confirming this change the routers realises the change of priority, R1 drops in backup mode and run's it's backup script, and R2 comes up as a master and runs it's master script.

I can then upgrade R1 off line but the problem comes when I want to bring it back into service. The obvious thing to do is go back to R2 and amend the priority back to 50 but when I do this and confirm the change, the VRRP interface on R2 drops into backup mode. What this means is that R1 detects it is now the master and runs it's master script but R2 does not detect it's the backup hence does not run the backup script. This leaves the routers fighting over the same resources until I manually run the backup script on R2.

I think it is probably correct that following a change to the VRRP interface that the interface in question being amended should drop back into backup mode if the VRRP priority is amended but if it was previously the master I think it should also run the backup script at the same time.

Only minor but can be quite annoying and if you don't ask ...